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ADA Restroom and Shower Trailers
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ADA Restroom Trailer ADA Shower Trailer ADA Combination Trailer ADA restroom plaza

Commercial, events and luxury restroom trailers with handicapped accessibility.

Fully ADA compliant interiors and folding access ramp.

ADA section hydraulically lowers to ground level for use. Raises and secures for transport.

Available in a broad range of floor plans, interior and exterior finishes and options. All ADA sections are equally luxurious as provided for the able bodied.

Roomy, comfortable, compliant and built to last offering real value for your investment

Providing the same hydraulic handicapped accessibility as our restroom trailers, these ADA compliant shower trailers provide clean, comfortable and roomy showers for those with mobility disabilities.

The ADA section is coupled with the standard trailer to provide hot shower for any user in virtually any location.

Easy to set up, these trailers feature LP on-demand systems for an endless supply of hot water.

The wheel chair accessible compartments are fully ADA compliant.

Combining floor plans offering both toilet and shower facilities compartments for both the able bodied and disabled in one trailer.

All the features and comfort of our standard restroom and shower trailers, plus the ADA complaint section which lowers to the ground for use and raises for transport.

Rugged, good looking and easy to set up and service. State of the art hot water systems plus the comfort of heat and air conditioning.

A wide selection of floor plans and options are available.

Plaza units offer the mobility of a trailer without the axles.

For those applications that require ground level access, these mobile units are the perfect solution.

Built to the same standards as our restroom trailers, these units are transported by flat bed and moved into place by forklift.

Available in a range of restroom and shower formats with ADA complaint sections.

Set up is easy and each unit contains a large steel waste tank.

More options, more floor plans, more quality, more value for your investment since 1988.

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