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New from Ameri-Can!

Since manufacturing the earliest mobile sanitation trailers in 1988, Ameri-Can has always been seen as both an originator and innovator in design, specification and functionality. Many of our innovations over the years are now standard provisions across the industry.

We are constantly striving to improve our products in order to provide the best experience for users and the highest return to operators. Our source of learning inspiration are our customers. Working always to create solutions for our customers is our motivation.

Enhanced solar applications for remote locations.

Roof mounted solar panels can provide electricity for lights and pumps for a range of restroom and shower trailers.

Operates all 12 volt systems and provides battery storage for evening hours.

Standard solar provision cannot operate 110 volt A/C nor larger 110 volt water pumps.

Perfect for our 6 series and smaller 8 series trailers. For example, small shower trailers. can operate in sunny areas using the solar package in combination with 12 volt pumps and LP fueled on demand hot water systems.

Switching gear allows the combination of 110 volt main current with 12 volt solar.

Solar Restroom Trailer

Mobile Shower Power

Using a standard fresh water connection, maintaining proper water temperature with fluctuating pressure and volume in a larger shower trailer can be difficult.

We've solved that issue with our unique system using on-demand hot water heaters, calibrated pumps and a combination timed shower head assembly which allows individual temperature settings for each shower.

Ameri-Can's Mobile Shower Power system provides user controlled temperature at each shower with ample volume and water pressure for a hot comfortable shower whether one person is using the trailer or a dozen.

Mobile Shower Trailer

Royale Limited / New Luxury Series Restroom Trailers

Ameri-Can has always been known for its custom crafted luxury trailers. The new Royale Limited series adds new spacious floor plans and Randi Chiudioni designed interiors for a new standard in luxury mobile restrooms.

A range of floor plans are provides with "cathedral" style layouts that create more roomy interiors. The interiors are loaded with luxury appointments and coordinated by our professional design team.

Features include: custom crafted woodwork, stile and rail doors to individual private suites, designer coordinated wall patterns, upgraded flooring, LED lighting effects, hot water, air conditioning, cold weather packages available, a multi source sound system with satellite capability and USB technology allowing customize music programs and recordable advertising.

Plus our rugged frame construction, Tor-Flex axle assemblies and our standard stick-built quality.

Click the image to check out the option.

Luxury Restroom Trailer

Disaster Relief Trailers

Ameri-Can provides a wide range of sanitation trailers useful for disaster relief and emergency response.

Heavy duty restroom trailers, large rugged shower trailers., decontamination trailers and portable hand wash trailers.; all designed for use in rugged conditions.

Click the image to learn more about emergency services trailers.

Emergency Hand Wash Trailer

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