Available Options

Options for Restrooms, Shower and Decontaminating Trailers  

  • Rubberized Flooring: The toughest flooring available. Utilizing Kevlar to give it strength. It's one piece, seamless, rugged and durable. Available in black or gray.
  • Interior Heat Package: Provided by wall mounted electric radiant heaters. UL approved. Temperature controlled.
  • Cold Weather Package: Provides electric heat pads to the waste holding tank. Entire waste tank foam insulated and coated with a rubberized sealant. Also provides heaters as in the Electric Heat Package.
  • Arctic Weather Package: Increased specification tom the Cold Weather Package to provide protection in extreme temperatures.
  • Hot Water System: To provide hot water hand wash. Utilizes a 2.5 gallon electric hot water heater. A standard feature in all Royale series trailers.
  • Electric Hand Free Faucets: Stylish nickel automatic faucets for heavy duty usage. UL Rated and complies with ASME A112.18.1, CSA B125 and ADA CABO/ANSI a117.1.
  • Fresh Water Package: 300 gallon poly tank system is added in a three-foot equipment room. 12-volt pump system, a quick drain system, and valve system to allow use from either the fresh water tank or the 3/4 inch fresh water supply.
  • Tri-Filter system: Filtration system to filter particulate pollutants from the water supply.
  • Multi Source Music system: Provides on-board music to digital quality stereo speakers in each section of the trailer.
  • iPod Docking station: Docking station and charger added to CD Music System.
  • Baby Change Stations: Vertically or horizontally mounted Koala Baby Change Stations can be added to any trailer in either the men's, ladies or both sections.
  • Solar Electric: Roof mounted system to provide electricity for 12 volt systems. Operates interior and exterior lighting as well as 12 volt pumps. Solar cannot operate heavy 110V equipment such as A/C, hot water or heaters.
  • Solar Roof Vents: Added to the roof in each section to allow ventilation. Not recommended when a/c or heat required.
  • Canvas Skirting: Marine grade fabric. 100% poly woven with vinyl coating. Available in black, green and blue.
  • Spare Tires: Frame mounted spare tires with steel wheels or chrome mod wheels.
  • Emergency Eye Wash Station: Can be added interiorly or exteriorly to shower and decontamination trailers.
  • Generator: Tongue mounted generator systems for remote power.