Used Restroom Trailers

Used Restroom and Shower Trailers For Sale

This page is provided for our customers to offer used restroom, shower, decontamination, and hand wash trailers for sale now. 
Check back regularly as this page is updated frequently.

Five Used Restroom Trailers / West Coast

For sale by the Andy Gump Company in LA. .All five are in very good condition in and outUsed restroom trailers for sale

(Three) 8 station trailers. 2008 to 2009 models. $18,500 each.

(Two) 4 station trailers. 2004 and 2007 models. $14,500 each

These are all well maintained restroom trailers manufactured by Olympia Fiberglass specifically for the Andy Gump Company.They have been owned and operated since new by the Andy Gump Company and have been professionally maintained by their trailer specialists.

Contact Nancy Gump at: 661-810-0347

Several Used Restroom and Decontamination Trailers Available

Contact: MS Unlimited / Mary Beth Sbaraglia / 315-437-1291

5 Used Restroom Trailers - Miami

2004 Ameri-Can 835 Royal ADA Lift Room

2008 Ameri-Can 830 Royal

2004 Ameri-Can 832 Oasis

2004 Ameri-Can 818 Construction

2009 Ameri-Can 830 Royal

Contact: Erika Pereira



Have an unused or older restroom or shower trailer that you would like to sell? Let us know and we will assist in re-sale or provide trade-in options for you.

Contact Mandi at Ameri-Can for a list of current trade-in restroom and shower trailers.