Pro 600


The Pro 600 by Ameri-Can is a fully self contained portable restroom for extreme use and durability. It is designed for year round use and is fork lift or crane ready.  Perfect for your long term solutions on roof tops or in extreme temperature construction sites. 

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heat
  • Thermon Tank and Water Line Heating
  • Fresh Water Tank
  • Electric Hand Dryer
  • China Toilet and Urinal
  • Stainless Steel Sink

Trailer Specifications // Standard Equipment

Steel Cage Frame 5’ x 6’ with Corner Lift Points (4) Five Year Warranty Steel Frame
Forklift Tubes Lockable Equipment Room
Aluminum Waste Tank 100 gallons Waste Tank Sight Glass
Frame and Tank Undercoating 32” Commercial Doors
Aluminum Fresh Water Tank 75 gallons Fresh Water Pump Assembly
Recessed Night Light 20 Amp Electrical Circuits
Floor Joist 2” x 2” Steel 16” O/C 3⁄4” Weatherproof Floor
Laminate Wall Panels Urethane Insulated Walls
Thermon Tank Heating System Electric Interior Wall Heaters
Electric Water Heater Fresh Water Connection
3” Cam-Lock Waste Valve // Interior and Exterior Removable Step Assembly

Air Conditioning System with Heat Strip
Multi-Source Sound System with Playlist Option
Upgrade to Electric Hands Free Delta Faucet

Unisex Restroom Accommodations

China Flushing Water Saver Toilet Stainless Steel Corner Sink
China Flushing Water Saver Urinal Water Saver Faucet
Safety-Backed Glass Mirror Electric Hand Dryer
12V Ceiling Lights  

Fork lift or crane ready
For all season use