While we hope everyone enjoys this wonderful time of year, please keep in mind all of those that sacrifice their time to help those in need. From the operators servicing toilets to the volunteers helping the less fortunate, we thank you all for every good deed.

Veranda Cottage in the Snow

Our Ameri-Can Family will be home for the Holidays. The office will be closed December 23rd-27th. However, we will still be available for emergencies.

For parts or service, please email info@ameri-can.com

To speak directly to:
Andy Petz, Plant Manager: 574-216-6200
Keegan Campbell: 574-971-9025
Mandi Whitaker: 574-933-3808

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, please provide as much detail as possible. For immediate assistance or more information, please call our Customer Service Team at (574) 892-5151

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