During these uncertain times, we need strength and resolve in order to persevere. Our nation is coming together to combat COVID-19 and the Ameri-Can team is doing our part. We are balancing the health and mental well-being of our employees and their family members with the duty of supporting the efforts of the Critical Infrastructure sectors that rely on our products and services.

Disaster relief shower trailer

Ameri-Can Engineering is an essential manufacturer of products supporting multiple industries outlined in the CISA Critical Infrastructure list. We are committed to continuing to manufacture trailers that can help during the coronavirus pandemic. Products are necessary to provide services to our communities such as laundry trailers, mobile washroom trailers, and mobile testing trailers.

Ameri-Can is operating with a focus on customer service while ensuring employee health. To do this, we are urging our team to follow the latest guidelines provided to reduce the potential spread of the virus, while making provisions to stay operational in this rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. In addition, We are limiting on-site customer and vendor visits for the foreseeable future, but are available to discuss any needs via phone, email or online meeting.

Hand wash trailer

If you have an urgent need for handwash trailers, shower trailers, or clean room trailers, we are maximizing our capacity to manufacture for crisis needs. Our round the clock customer service line will continue to be available to ensure our products are ready to support the nation’s sanitary demands.

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, please provide as much detail as possible. For immediate assistance or more information, please call our Customer Service Team at (574) 892-5151

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