We honor Mandi Whitaker today as she celebrates her 20th Ameri-Can Anniversary

Today marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most fortunate occurrences of the past. Which is the day Amanda Whitaker joined the team of Ameri-Can. Not only did she join our family, but she made our family. She is everyone’s best sister, best friend and work colleague extraordinaire. Without her, we would not be the organization we are and certainly wouldn’t have had as much fun over the years.

She balances so beautifully the needs of her job with a skill that comes from her genuine love of what she does and of our customers. Not only does she professionally attend to the needs and concerns of our clients and customers, she touches their hearts in the process and at the end of each customer cycle she has turned a customer into another one of our family of friends. To say they love her is an understatement.

Congratulations Mand!!!

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