All of us at Ameri-Can are proud to commemorate Gladys and Ron Bird as we mark our third generation of family owned and operated manufacturing.

Ameri-Can Restoom Trailer Founders Gladys and Ron Bird
Ameri-Can Restoom Trailer Founders Gladys and Ron Bird

Over 30 years ago, Gladys and Ron founded Ameri-Can Engineering. They were originators and innovators of restroom trailers with many of their original designs and product developments standard across the industry today. As pioneers of the industry, we are proud today to stand on their shoulders as we continue the tradition of a family owned and operated manufacturing business since 1988.

A proud tradition.

Gladys and Ron instilled the culture of quality and innovation that is the hallmark of Ameri-Can today.

Ron and Gladys were both also very active in the industry, especially the PSAI in which Gladys also served as Director. Their proudest moment was being awarded the prestigious M.Z.Andy Gump Award by the PSAI in 2005.

Andy Gump Award

Our tradition of crafting.

Every trailer manufactured by Ameri-Can trailers is custom designed and crafted by specialized technicians in our Argos assembly plant that was established by Gladys and Ron in 1988. We are proud to continue the tradition of innovative products that fit the unique needs of our customers.

A Family Legacy.

In the beginning with Gladys and Ron in 1988. And then with David in 2005 and with now Keegan and Elizabeth in 2019,  Ameri-Can is proud to be recognized as a Family Legacy Business.

Ameri-Can has always been family owned and operated. And now in our third generation with the fourth generation well on it’s way!

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